Landmark Awarded Software Contract by Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Landmark has been awarded eight-year and six-year contracts by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) to provide software and to manage the operations, respectively, of the DISKOS database in Stavanger, Norway. The initial contract period will begin in 2009 and will run through 2014.

"Landmark currently provides its PetroBank® software solution for the DISKOS database operation, and this multi-year agreement to provide both software and services reaffirms Landmark as the preferred vendor of multi-client information management solutions to the upstream marketplace," said Doug Meikle, vice president, Landmark. "The DISKOS database is the most significant and largest of the multi-client databanks in the world and is the model for other national repositories. Landmark is making significant investments into new technology to be deployed by DISKOS, and this is part of our commitment to remain the industry leader in Information Management."

"The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the DISKOS Group look forward to a constructive collaboration with Landmark," said Eric Toogood, the project manager for DISKOS. "During the next phase of the DISKOS evolution, we aim to increase the use of the database even further in order to store larger volumes of seismic, well and production data to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the industry."

Today, the DISKOS database, which contains more than 90 terabytes of data, provides a single system to access all the digital seismic, well and production data associated with the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Centralization of these data helps to drive down the costs associated with the maintenance and operation of the database, while improving compliance, accuracy and quality of the data, along with enhancing security and simplifying reporting. The core technology enabling this project is Landmark's PetroBank® Master Data Store(TM) technology, together with a workflow-oriented Web-based user interface that provides powerful free-form search capabilities across all structured and unstructured data stored in the DISKOS database. Landmark's PowerExplorer® software will continue to be provided as the preferred data management tool for power users.

"The transition of the DISKOS operations to Landmark in 2009 is confirmation of the market leadership established by our Consulting and Services group in the Information Management business sector," said Paul Koeller, vice president of Global Sales and Delivery at Landmark. "The operating model to be delivered by Landmark will see step-change advances in the scale and type of data stored online. In particular, the new eight-petabyte library specified by Landmark allows the storage of vast amounts of field and pre-stack data. In our services model, which supports 'dramatically increasing the DISKOS user community,' subscribers to the facility will be able to search for data more easily and to download selected content more quickly and cheaply. Upload of information to the DISKOS database will also be supported through self-service online data submissions."

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