Odim Awarded Two Contracts for Automated Handling Systems

Odim AS has secured two contracts worth approximately NOK 34 million for the delivery of various automated handling systems to offshore supply ships.

Odim's own automated bulkhose connection system (ABCS), which ensures secure transfer of liquids and cargo from supply ships to offshore installations, is the key component in each delivery.

The larger of the contracts covers various automated handling systems for a vessel under construction at Norway's Kleven Verft yard for District Offshore.

This ship is to be fitted with an ABCS as well as various winch systems for towing, mooring and secure cargo handling. Worth some NOK 20 million, the delivery will be made around June 2007.

The other order relates to an ABCS and a system for secure handling of cargo equipment on a supply ship currently under construction at Havyard Leirvik in Norway for Havila. Worth some NOK 14 million, this contract calls for the equipment to be delivered around 1 April 2007.

"We've said earlier that we believe this system, which is our own development, sets a new standard for secure deck operations in offshore supply," comments Odim president Jogeir Romestrand.

"And we described a contract for an ABCS in February as a breakthrough. So it's gratifying that we've been awarded two new contracts for the system just a couple of months later.

"That provides us with an inspiration to continue developing solutions with the focus on safety."

He emphasizes that a number of Odim's automated handling systems for the offshore supply sector are designed precisely to ensure the safety of vessel crews.

The company sees exciting market opportunities for this type of solution. Supply is one of three key segments for its systems in offshore service vessels, the company's largest business area.

Seismic survey ships represent the largest segment in this area, while subsea is the third segment where Odim expects growing activity in the time to come.