Schlumberger Signs Software Deal with Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti

Schlumberger has signed a US $9.5-million software sponsorship agreement with Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti. Through this agreement, Schlumberger will support the university's programs by providing students and facility access to key exploration and production software and ongoing technical maintenance.

"One of Schlumberger's objectives in Romania, and globally, is to give students the opportunity to develop their knowledge within a high-tech environment. We are delighted to work alongside educational establishments, here and elsewhere, to ensure the development and sponsorship of state-of-the-art laboratories," said David Waterland, general manager, Schlumberger, Continental Europe.

"Our students will derive great benefits from access to the most modern informatics support, specialized for the oil and gas industry," said the University's Rector Vlad Ulmanu. "The Schlumberger software packages make an essential contribution to the graduates' development, giving them the chance to model and interpret the results of specific processes from the oil and gas industry.

The Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti is an institution with a rich tradition and results highly acknowledged in the Romanian higher educational system.

"The training programs developed at Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti are unique within Romania and they provide the local oil and gas industry with the essential expertise," added Waterland. "Therefore, beginning in 2004, Schlumberger decided to recruit its engineers from the Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti because we believe the graduates are well equipped to manage the challenges we face on a daily basis."