Roxar Unveils Hyperbaric Test Facility in Stavanger

Roxar officially unveiled its new multi-million dollar, high-pressure, hyperbaric test facility in Stavanger.

The facility, which will be used to test Roxar's entire subsea instrumentation portfolio as well as help bring new products to market, can simulate water depths at up to 3,500 meters and pressure at up to 350 bars. The tank is 3.5 meters deep and 1.4 meters in width and just the lid of the tank will be exposed to pressure comparable to 8,000 tons.

According to an August 2005 survey by UK industry body, Subsea UK, there are 140 subsea testing facilities worldwide, with many operating at capacity. The result of this is that many companies developing or qualifying new technologies are facing delays and additional costs when bringing their products to market. By taking its subsea testing facility in-house to meet the increased market demand for its measurement solutions, Roxar will also be able to streamline the manufacturing and production process as well as rigorously test and research its subsea portfolio within a realistic subsea environment.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, commented:
"As the market leader in flow measurement solutions and as oil and gas fields move into increasingly deeper waters, it is essential that Roxar carries out the most rigorous of testing. In this way, we can ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy in our measurement products as well as enabling us to continue to innovate, wherever possible."

He continues:
"By establishing this in-house hyperbaric facility for existing and future technologies, we are reaffirming our commitment to testing, research and innovation and our intention to remain the market leader in flow measurement solutions for many years to come."

Roxar solutions, which will undergo testing at the new hyperbaric test facility, include Roxar's industry leading Multiphase meters, designed to continuously measure the flow rates of oil, water and gas in the well stream without the need for separation; the Roxar Wetgas meter, the latest in wet gas metering technology providing real-time accurate flow rates and water fraction measurements; and the Roxar Sand monitor.

Roxar's PDMS (Permanent Downhole Monitoring System), which provides reliable real-time data from any location, thereby improving reservoir management, well planning and resource exploitation, will also be tested.

Roxar creates value for its customers through its Reservoir Interpretation, Reservoir Modeling, Reservoir Simulation, Well and Completion, Production and Process Solutions and Consultancy Services.