Austral Pacific to Begin Testing Douglas-1 Well Next Week

Austral Pacific Energy provided updates on material operations:

Douglas-1 Exploration Well, PPL 235, Papua New Guinea

On Friday May 26th Douglas-1 ST1 well in Papua New Guinea (Austral 35%) was at a total depth of 1978 meters and drilling operations are set to cease shortly. The target sands were encountered over a significant interval. Wireline logs will be run immediately with some information expected to be available as soon as early next week.

Cardiff Testing, PEP 38738-02, Onshore Taranaki, New Zealand

Testing of the McKee interval in the Cardiff 2A well resumed this week. The well is currently producing from the McKee interval at a gas rate of 1.25 million cubic feet per day and a condensate rate of 40 barrels per day on a 28/64" choke. The tubing head pressure is steady. As expected, the well is also flowing water at approximately 290 barrels per day. Additional testing of the deep zone, which is believed to contain a much larger reservoir than the McKee, is expected to be conducted later this year.

Brecon 3D Seismic Survey, PEP 38738-01/02, Onshore Taranaki, New Zealand

The Brecon 3D seismic survey over the area containing the Cheal and Cardiff discoveries was completed this week. The processing contract has been awarded to Brisbane-based Velseis. Processed results from the survey should be available in late July. Interpreted data will be used to optimize bottom-hole locations for the Cheal development wells, and to further define and delineate drilling targets in the permit areas at both the Mt Messenger (Cheal) and Kapuni (Cardiff) levels.