Labtech Builds First Fully Automated H2S Package for M-I Swaco

Labtech Modular Engineering, part of the ABZ Group, has enhanced its engineering capability with the construction of the world's first automated hydrogen sulphide gas separation unit for the oil and gas industry.

The unit was built at the company's base in Altens, Aberdeen, for M-I SWACO and represents one of Labtech's largest ever projects to date. It will be deployed for Agip KCO on a man-made island in the Caspian Sea.

The unit is an industry first in that it allows for the safe removal of harmful hydrogen sulphide gas from the well test flowback fluids without having to flare it off, thereby creating environmental benefits as a result of the reduction in emissions.

The 120 sq meter package is made up of 10 modules, which will be used for the storage and processing of fluids and solids produced from test well activities. The primary function will be to separate the material into its constituents - hydrogen sulphide gas, oil, solids and water.

Design of the unit was done by M-I SWACO and the construction by Labtech and included the installation of all equipment, the design and installation of a ventilation system and the installation of safety equipment. The unit took nine months to build and all parts were fully assembled and tested in Aberdeen before dismantling and transportation to the Caspian.

Andy Bruce, managing director of ABZ Group, said: "The creation of such a complex package and on such a large scale, expertly handled by project manager Norman Porter and his team, is an indication of the enhanced level of engineering capability that we are able to deliver. We are already recognized as specialists in the design, manufacture, repair, refurbishment and hire of containerised and skid mounted equipment, but this unit really takes our capabilities onto a greater level.

"We anticipate that the impact of this unit on the global oil and gas industry and the environment will be profound. Labtech has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with M-I SWACO and we would look forward to the creation of more of these units in the future."

Dr. Reg Minton, Vice President of Business Development for M-I SWACO, said: "This H2S Treatment Unit reflects the growing complexity and sophistication of waste management and fluid treatment systems in use in the Oilfield. Labtech's professional project management and responsiveness to changing Customer specifications meant that the earliest possible delivery was achieved and field delivery met the project requirements. The unit has now been fully commissioned without incident and is ready for live fluid treatment."