Santos Drills Duster Off Western Australia

The Mutineer 2 well is located 2 km north of Mutineer 1B and 2.8 km north west of Norfolk 1 and tested the northern limit of the Mutineer field. Mutineer 2 reached a total depth of 3,250m with 2,164m progress for the week. Having completed wireline-logging operations the well will be plugged and abandoned.

Mutineer-2 encountered water wet sandstone, which was higher than predicted and above the level of the lowest known oil in Mutineer 1B. Pressure data demonstrates that this sandstone sequence is in a different pressure system to the oil reservoir in Mutineer 1B. The primary objective Angel Formation reservoir sands penetrated in Mutineer 1B are absent at the Mutineer 2 location. Further evaluation of the Mutineer field may be undertaken on the western part of the field later in 2002 to determine the size and commerciality of the field. The recent Norfolk 1 and 2 wells have appraised the eastern part of the field. The Mutineer/Norfolk oil accumulation may also incorporate the Pitcairn 1 oil discovery as part of a larger structural/stratigraphic trap.

Following abandonment operations consideration is being given to drilling Exeter 2, an appraisal of the recent Exeter 1 oil discovery, located 1.9 km north of Exeter-1. This will enable data to be integrated to provide a better understanding of both fields.

Partners in WA-191-P are: Santos as operator with 33.3977%; Exxon-Mobil with 33.4023%; Nippon with 25.0000%; and Woodside with 8.2000%.