Landmark Opens Multi-Client Data Hosting Center in Calgary

Landmark Graphics Corporation will open a multi-client data management hosting center in Calgary, enabling regional E&P companies to more effectively manage their business-critical seismic data. The data center, which opened in April 2002, will be located within IBM's state-of-the-art e-business hosting facility and will offer customers the utmost in data security and 24x365 access to the PetroBank(TM) family of comprehensive data management technologies and integration services.

"The E&P industry in Canada is facing ever-increasing challenges associated with securely managing a wide variety of corporate data assets," said Andy Lane, Landmark's president and CEO. "In today's competitive environment, E&P organizations must be able to find and load quality data in real time, enabling asset teams to use the data more efficiently and make better, faster decisions. Through PetroBank's entitlement technology, Landmark's ability to manage and deliver data directly to its core applications, as well as a vendor-neutral array of best-in-class E&P applications, is second to none."

"We are excited about the opportunity to combine Landmark's world-class data management services with one of IBM's newest data hosting facilities," said Byron Manastyrski, sales manager, e-business Hosting Services in Western Canada. "Availability, security and scalability are the cornerstones of IBM's hosting services. The Calgary facility's state-of-the-art hardware, security systems and environmental controls ensure the utmost accessibility and safety of E&P customer data, and are built to scale quickly and efficiently with our customers' e-business needs."

Landmark provides flexible and secure access to project data and applications across the E&P lifecycle. Customer data are kept on deposit in sophisticated data centers around the world, enabling account holders to access their E&P applications and data 24x365. Unique entitlement technology and system security protect data from unauthorized access, yet provide concurrent access to joint account holders, thus reducing the cost of redundant storage for multi-company projects.

"Currently, many E&P companies must archive redundant data stores at locations throughout Canada, making it difficult for them to provide their asset teams and business partners with consistent access to quality data," said Darcy Cuthill, Landmark's country manager for Canada. "IBM's reputation as a world-leader in e-business technology in conjunction with Landmark's PetroBank will give E&P customers confidence that their business-critical data assets are being stored in a secure and scalable environment."

Calgary's Mainland Information Systems Ltd. was critical in the design and implementation of the hosting center. Mainland performed an assessment of Landmark's storage, database and server requirements and provided the solutions, support and services to ensure that Landmark's customers experience enhanced availability, integrity and accessibility to their data.

"Our mission is to ensure that the data and system requirements of Landmark and its customers are met without exception," said Michael Koury, vice president of Business Development at Mainland Information Systems.