CapRock Expands Disaster Recovery Satellite Services

Building on the success of its DR-250 disaster recovery service launched last year, CapRock Communications, a leading global satellite communications provider, is significantly expanding its disaster recovery product line for 2006. The new service packages will be available under two different programs, Broadband DR-VSAT(TM) and Private Line DR-VSAT(TM). Each program is specifically designed for the needs of either emergency response teams or large organizations looking for high-performance business continuity communications. The new packages provide multi-line digital telephone service and broadband Internet access at speeds ranging from 256Kbps to 2Mbps, all in a self-contained trailer that includes ruggedized satellite and networking equipment, telephones, fax machines and an option for an on-board electrical generator. The services are available now in preparation for hurricane season, which officially begins June 1.

"Last year, we launched the DR-250 program just prior to hurricane season and were amazed at the market's response," said David Myers, vice president of marketing and product management for CapRock. "We deployed more than 140 self-contained disaster recovery satellite packages in just the first 60 days after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Those customers who had pre-ordered the DR-250 program were back online with a business-class voice and data service the same day they called for dispatch, while they watched less prepared organizations wait weeks to get even basic telephone service."

CapRock's Broadband DR-VSAT(TM) program, available as a DR-250 or DR-550 package with data rates of up to 256Kbps and 512Kbps respectively, is designed primarily for small teams of first responders including state and federal agencies -- such as the National Guard, Red Cross and local EMS or any other organizations with catastrophe teams -- that need a transportable broadband and multi-line telephone service in remote or disaster effected areas. As a complimentary service, CapRock's Private Line DR-VSAT(TM) program is designed for organizations -- such as hospitals, hotels, call centers, manufacturing plants or campus type facilities -- that need to temporarily replace multi- megabit and multi-line telephone services from downed T-1 lines or other high capacity private line terrestrial services. The Private Line DR-VSAT(TM) program is available with full duplex committed information rates in a DR-1000, DR-1500, or DR-2000 package with speeds of 1Mbps, 1.5Mbps, and 2Mbps respectively.

"These systems are unique in that they offer a carrier-class communications solution in a self-contained transportable package, complete with committed information rates for data and toll quality connections for voice," Myers said. "Many other satellite services marketed for 'disaster recovery' are really re-purposed mass market or consumer products and can rack up high per-minute usage charges. By contrast, CapRock's solutions are always-on services with ruggedized equipment, so that they not only perform in harsh and hard to reach locations, but they will survive the trip to get there."

The devastation of last year's hurricane season served as an unpleasant wake-up call for government agencies, businesses and response groups of all types. CapRock's new satellite communication services are designed for organizations building detailed emergency management plans to cover a wide range of disasters. As a final note Myers commented, "Inquiries for CapRock's disaster recovery satellite services have already more than doubled over what we saw this time last year, and not just from companies preparing for hurricanes. CapRock's DR-VSAT programs are being implemented into the business continuity plans for companies all across the country. It sounds a bit cliche, but it really is what you do to prepare before a disaster that determines how well and how quickly you will recover from it."