Development Drilling Begins at Blane Oil Field in the North Sea

Roc Oil

ROC, as a participant in the Blane Oil Field Development Project, reports that development drilling commenced on May 13, 2006.

In a drilling program expected to take approximately 4 months, the Operator, Talisman, will batch drill the upper hole sections of the three development wells and then drill to Total Depth and complete the two planned horizontal production wells. The third well, a water injector, will be completed in 2007.

The field will be developed as a subsea tieback to the BP-operated Ula platform located in the Norwegian continental shelf (34km to the northeast) and will comprise two horizontal production wells, with gas lift, and one water injection well, which may be high angle/horizontal.

The Blane Field Joint Venture (unitized across UK/Norway median line) is comprised of Talisman Expro Limited as operator with 25.002%; Roc Oil with 12.501% MOC Exploration with 13.994%; Eni UK Limited with 13.897%; Eni ULX Limited with 4.105%; Bow Valley Petroleum with 12.5015 and Talisman Energy Norge with 18.000%.