NOK 30 Million in Ormen Lange Deliveries for Bjorge

Bjorge ASA has secured a contract through its Naxys AS subsidiary for pipeline monitoring on the Ormen Lange gas field being developed by Hydro in the Norwegian Sea.

Combined with an earlier contract awarded through FMC Kongsberg Subsea, this job means that Naxys will be making deliveries worth almost NOK 30 million to this project.

To be developed and manufactured by Bjorge, the latest system will monitor loads on the pipelines and thereby ensure that no failures occur which might cause undesirable leaks to the sea.

The technology represented by this equipment is new to the market and is expected to have a major sales potential for both future and existing installations.

Bjorge also has a contract to deliver the system for condition monitoring and leak surveillance on Ormen Lange's production templates, which stand in 850 meters of water.

This solution again represents new and robust systems for condition monitoring of subsea processes, pipelines, structures and process equipment. It will also be used to watch for possible leaks to the sea from process facilities and pipelines.

The monitoring systems are based in part on hydroacoustics and electro-magnetism, with the technology derived primarily from military applications.

In addition to tailoring, design and fabrication, the Naxys contract from Hydro covers assistance with installation and data analysis.