J. Ray McDermott Launches Largest Jacket Constructed in China

Hydro Marine Services (HMS), a subsidiary of J. Ray McDermott, S.A. says that its recently modified Intermac 650 barge has completed the launch of the largest jacket ever constructed in China.

Intermac 650 was contracted to Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd. (COOEC) enabling the installation of the 213 meter high, 25,200 ton jacket in the Panyu 30-1 natural gas field in the South China Sea. Completely designed in China, the jacket marks a significant step in the development of China's engineering of deepwater offshore oil technologies.

The launch contract was undertaken following the fast track program to modify to barge for float-off operations. J. Ray McDermott Engineering in Houston and New Orleans designed the modifications in coordination with the company’s Singapore project team from a simple concept to a detailed system suited for load out and float off of offshore platform decks and jackets. The modifications involved over 1,900 metric tons of steel and the installation of a digitally controlled fast ballast system. The system design was approved by the float off customer and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the Class Society for the barge. The modification program was completed in 10 months to allow the jacket launch to proceed on schedule.

The newly modified Intermac 650 has a nominal deck float-off capacity of 20,000 metric tons and a nominal jacket launch capacity of 25,000 metric tons.

The Panyu 30-1 gas field is being developed by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China's largest offshore oil producer. Drilling at Panyu 30-1 is expected to start in September 2006 after the construction of the platform is completed.