Powder River Continues Aggressive Development in Goliad County

Powder River Basin Gas has commenced work on the second phase of development on the Weesatche Project in Goliad County, Texas.

Work has started on the drilling preparation for the next two wells, the Stumfoll #1 and Stumfoll #2.

Drilling is scheduled to start on May 18th and is expected to take approximately one week per well, with completion to production in the next several weeks.

These wells are anticipated to compare to the J.P. Green #1 well which was drilled in February 2006 and is currently producing at 1600 mcf gas per day.

The Weesatche project is scheduled for the completion of 14 wells in 2006, of which one is already completed and in full production.

"With the success of the J.P. Green #1 we are very optimistic about the potential of these wells, and are thrilled with the efficiency on the continuation of development on the Weesatche project. I am extremely excited about the future revenue potential of the Weesatche project," stated Powder River Basin Gas Corp. CEO Brian Fox.

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