Indonesian Well Fire Extinguished

A fire at a gas well in the Mahakam Delta in Indonesia's East Kalimantan province has been extinguished eight weeks after a blowout, operator TotalFinaElf, said Monday. The company said the fire, which started March 1, hadn't disrupted supply to the Bontang liquefied natural gas plant which normally takes the natural gas, nor has it resulted in any export revenue loss for Indonesia.

The fire, at the Tunu E5 well, was extinguished last week, marking the completion of major technical operations, said Ananda Idris, a company spokesman. TotalFinaElf 's current production is estimated at 2.3 billion to 2.4 billion cubic feet a day of gas from its Mahakam operations, steady from March 1, Idris said. In "well-recuperating efforts," the company has drilled a relief well near Tunu E5 to absorb any excess gas pressure from the latter, he said. TotalFinaElf is clearing the Tunu E5 well in the hope of "eventually recuperating" it to optimize existing operations infrastructure, Idris added.

Company insurers have appointed a loss adjuster to ascertain a fair insurance compensation for the gas blowout incident. The company is also committed to compensate local villagers for any damage that had been incurred to maintain good relations. "Discussions (concerning any necessary disbursement) are still ongoing," he said.