Terra Nova Production Shut Down Due to Mechanical Issues

Petro-Canada says production at the Terra Nova offshore oil field was shut down May 7 due to a mechanical failure of the gear box attached to the starboard main power generator. With both main power generators now out of service for gear box repairs, it is highly unlikely Terra Nova production will resume until the fall, reflecting the addition of four to five weeks of shut down to the already scheduled turnaround commencing in mid-June and ending in September.

Petro-Canada now forecasts second quarter Terra Nova production will be closer to 21,000 b/d (7,100 b/d net to Petro-Canada). This compares to a March 10 estimate of 83,000 b/d (28,000 b/d net to Petro-Canada), which reflected reduced production due to the port side gear box being out of service for repairs since February 2006.

The timing and scope of repairs to the gear box attached to the starboard main power generator are currently being assessed. Repairs to the gear box attached to the port side main power generator are already underway for completion in June 2006. The early shutdown will permit Petro-Canada to advance preparations for the extended scheduled turnaround.

The Terra Nova vessel continues to operate with power from two standby generators, which while they do not support production, continue to ensure the vessel is safe. The main power generators are needed to operate production systems.