Veritas Launches the Veritas Vantage

Veritas DGC Inc. has taken delivery of the SR/V Veritas Vantage, the third Viking-class high-specification 3D seismic vessel in its fleet, which replaces a lower capacity vessel that was retired earlier this year. All three Viking-class vessels, the Veritas Viking, the Veritas Viking II and the Veritas Vantage, were built by Mjellem & Karlsen in Bergen, Norway, and are owned and operated by Eidesvik Shipping A/S.

The Veritas Vantage was christened at Eidesvik's facility in Bomlo, Norway, on April 19th, by Mrs. Dianne Wells, the wife of Veritas' President and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Wells.

"The launch of the Veritas Vantage represents the successful culmination of our long-term plans for fleet upgrading, enabling us to continue to deploy the latest in marine seismic acquisition technology without increasing the overall fleet size. This reflects our commitment to be the marine seismic acquisition contractor of choice, and the leading provider of quality 3D marine acquisition services," said Tim Wells.

The vessel is configured to deploy up to ten long streamers and is equipped with the latest Guardian solid streamer technology from TUS, as well as many other technical innovations. "The performance of our first two Viking-class vessels has provided us with great confidence in this particular vessel design, which has proven to be very capable, efficient and competitive," said Richard Price, President of Veritas Marine Acquisition.

"The combination of the vessel's advanced capabilities and the latest seismic acquisition technology will allow us to perform at the highest level and deliver a quality, cost-effective product unmatched in the industry," said Price. "Our well-defined program of fleet upgrades has enabled us to remain at the technical forefront, while providing an appropriate response to market requirements. The success of this program is a tribute to the partnership Veritas has with Eidesvik and Mjellem & Karlsen, and to the technical and financial strengths of the three companies."

The Veritas Vantage is due to commence a program of work in the North Sea, which will continue through the summer season.