New Subsea Unit Serves Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Challenges

Developing subsea prospects in water depths of up to 3,000 m requires outstanding engineering skills, technology qualification and a focus on reliability and long-term integrity management. To address and assist operators with such challenges in the Gulf of Mexico, DNV is now revamping its service portfolio by establishing a new subsea business unit. In this way, DNV plans to bring in its collective experience from the rest of the world and customise this to suit the needs of the Gulf of Mexico.

The recent strong growth in subsea activity within the Gulf of Mexico is forecast to continue as operators keep on developing their deepwater acreage and also increasingly favor subsea tiebacks as a means of developing marginal fields. With subsea moving into deeper waters, new technical challenges are faced.

Responding to the needs of the Gulf of Mexico deepwater industry, DNV Houston announces the formation of a subsea business unit, headed by Dr. Muthu Chezhian of DNV Technology Services.

"By integrating the experience and expertise that currently resides in DNV's global consulting and technology service groups, the subsea business unit is in a unique position to serve the Gulf of Mexico subsea industry as a 'decision partner' in oil and gas operations," explains Muthu Chezhian.

"The subsea unit will help to meet deepwater-development challenges by, for example, helping to address concept selection, technology qualifications, risk assessment and analysis, and integrity management, covering all phases of project execution, from concept selection through abandonment," says Craig Colby, Regional Manager, DNV Technology Services, Houston.