DNV Gains USCG Authorization for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

DNV has extended its authorization under the United States Coast Guard Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) to include mobile offshore drilling units. This is in addition to the previous authorizations for tank vessels, passenger vessels, and cargo and miscellaneous Vessels.

A further supplement to DNV's Rules and the IMO MODU Code specifically for mobile offshore drilling units has been approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The latest authorization was issued last week, on April 26th.

The Alternate Compliance Program is a voluntary program. It is available through authorized classification societies for owners, operators, designers and builders of US flag vessels to comply with USCG design and inspection regulations by using the class rules, relevant statutory codes. It is also a supplement as an equivalent alternative to the USCG regulations.

The program's intention is to reduce the regulatory burden on the maritime industry while maintaining existing levels of safety. Moreover, it will provide increased flexibility in the construction and operation of US flag vessels.

To obtain the additional authorization, DNV underwent an extremely rigorous approval process. It involved a detailed comparison of DNV's offshore service standard and specifications, following relevant statutory requirements with the applicable parts of the Code of Federal Regulations to identify items not adequately addressed in the Rules or statutory requirements. These were then compiled into a supplement which was subjected to an extremely detailed review by experts in the United States Coast Guard.

David McKay, DNV Houston-based project manager for the work, said: "The process was long and extremely complex. The authorization confirms our position as one of the leading classification societies for the offshore industry. We are looking forward to extending our approval and survey services further within the US flag MODU fleet."