API University Introduces Basic Principles of Petroleum eLearning Course

Technomedia International, Inc., announces the release of an interactive computer based training course called Basic Principles of Petroleum. Exclusively available through API University – the American Petroleum Institute's comprehensive Continuing Education Program for Oil and Natural Gas Professionals, this non-technical educational product is targeted to address the critical need for entry-level, on-line educational material for our industry.

The Basic Principles of Petroleum eLearning course, which usually takes just under 2 hours to complete, can be taken on-line for high-bandwidth internet users, or on CD-ROM. The course is designed to address the growing need for a basic level course that allows employers flexibility in delivery options. "Newly hired personnel within the energy industry will certainly be the primary user-base," said API Business Services Director Kathleen Combs, adding that "the course can also be beneficial in providing cross-training to seasoned staff in either engineering or support roles within the organization. Because of the keen interest in our industry from the perspective of international commerce and trading, the course also offers professionals working in allied fields a highly visual overview of the activities associated with oil and natural gas recovery and processing from both the upstream and downstream perspective. Because the material is digital and runs over IP networks, licensing costs on a per-employee basis can be quite cost-effective," Ms. Combs said.

The Basic Principles of Petroleum is organized into 7 modules as follows:

  • Petroleum Geology
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Basics of Drilling Operations
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Delivery of Oil and Gas
  • Marketing Petroleum Products

Customization options for the course, such as including a company's particular product line, logos and other information, are also available through API University. "The digital nature of the off-the-shelf eLearning material enables retooling of the entire course to provide a company's complete operational profile, including such details as reservoir descriptions and even the name(s) and photo(s) of the actual refineries owned by the company," said Greg Bihn, President of Technomedia International, Inc. By modifying the existing framework of Basic Petroleum Principles, enterprise clients can obtain an employee orientation package that looks like a custom work effort for a fraction of the cost and time," he added.

The course is available for immediate use and can be ordered on-line through the API University website at The course is available for immediate use and can be ordered on-line through the API University website at api-u.org.