Origin Energy Makes Gas Discovery in Surat Basin, Queensland

Origin Energy Limited reports that the exploration wells Ogilvie Creek 1 (PL 227) and Ogilvie Creek 2 (PL 174), drilled by its wholly owned subsidiary Origin Energy CSG Limited, have discovered new gas pools in the Surat Basin.

A drill stem test (DST) conducted over a sand at the base of the Rewan Group in Ogilvie Creek 2 (interval 1,843 – 1,870m) flowed gas to surface at a final rate of 5.1 mmcfd at a flowing tubing head pressure (FTHP) of 840 psi on a 1/2 inch choke.

This followed a DST conducted over a sand in the upper Tinowon Formation (interval 2,060 -2,073m) in Ogilvie Creek 1 flowed gas to surface at a final rate of 0.4 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) at a FTHP of 51 pounds per square inch (psi) on a 1/2 inch choke.

Ogilvie Creek 1 was deliberately drilled on the flank of the Ogilvie Creek structure, whereas Ogilvie Creek 2 was drilled on the crest. Pressure data indicate that the wells tested separate gas accumulations.

Both wells will be completed for production and tie-in to existing facilities at the nearby Myall Creek field (refer attached map), for long term testing to determine reserves to be accessed.

Origin Energy CSG Limited is operator of the well and holds a 100% stake.