Scottish Software Company's Brazilian Project Set to Go Live

A Scottish software company's £1.2million contract with a Brazilian training organization to establish an offshore training simulator that recreates the conditions on a 'moving' rig, is nearing completion.

The contract is with SENAI, a major state training body jointly funded by energy group Petrobras and the Brazilian government, and is set for completion later this year. The simulator – the second of its kind to be built by Aberdeen-based Pisys – is to be deployed in a facility run by SENAI in Rio de Janeiro to train Petrobras and other offshore personnel.

The order from SENAI came in the wake of the successful deployment of an original simulator developed by Pisys for international drilling company Transocean.

The simulator is designed to replicate a control room, simulating scenarios ranging from extreme storms to terrorist attacks, to test and train personnel for offshore work on FPSOs, semi-submersible and jack-up drilling installations.

Able to hold up to eight people, the simulator is mounted in a computer-controlled motion platform that can recreate the offshore environment and thus provide a realistic training context.

Peter Henderson, Director of Pisys, which is represented at the 2006 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, said:

"Over the years we have supplied systems to many companies to train staff in a fixed environment, but this is only the second that encompasses actual movement.

"The system used in the simulator is very flexible and can be tailored to recreate the 'behaviour' of any offshore facility. In this instance we have worked closely with SENAI and Petrobras throughout, to make sure that the simulator accurately reflects the conditions and circumstances of the offshore installations their personnel will be working on.

"We were very pleased to be asked to undertake this project. Pisys has nearly 20 years' experience in providing bespoke products to the international oil and gas industry. Much of our expertise has been honed developing solutions for operators in the hostile waters of the North Sea, and we anticipate that projects such as this will act as a springboard for us to increase further our activity in oil provinces worldwide."

The project has been managed from Pisys' head office on Aberdeen Science and Technology Park in Scotland.