FMC Introduces New Surveillance Technology

FMC Technologies and CiDRA Corporation announced the commercial release of SONARtrac™ Surveillance Technology, a clamp-on monitor that uses sonar array processing to help accurately measure topside performance data and allow operators the opportunity to enhance separator performance and the potential for increased well production.

SONARtrac is the newest product in FMC's portfolio of oil & gas solutions, which includes its highly regarded Smith™ meters and Sening® tank truck products.

"We're very excited about the results our customers have seen using SONARtrac in the field," said Ed Otto, SONARtrac product manager. "Offshore oil and gas producers often find it difficult to achieve complete separation because of the inherent variation in operating conditions. SONARtrac Surveillance Technology helps measure gas in liquids and liquids in gas and provides information operators need to make adjustments in the event incomplete separation should occur. With daily production values reaching several million dollars, operators need all the information they can get to make the right well production and recovery choices."

SONARtrac's innovative clamp-on design allows quick installation in the field without process interruption. Operators will have access to constant, real-time data to detect measurement error and the ability to identify the presence of liquid carry-over in gas that could cause expensive downstream equipment damage.

"We believe that SONARtrac complements FMC Technologies' current offerings by providing our upstream partners with the same solid, reliable measurement products they have come to expect from our company," said Howard Girbach, general manager of FMC Technologies' Measurement Solutions business. "The fact that we are partnering with CiDRA, a well-known provider of other topside products, only adds to our customers' confidence and strengthens the position of this product in the global marketplace."