Duffy and McGovern Gets Gulf of Mexico Boost

Duffy and McGovern has secured a $600,000 contract boost to its business in the Gulf of Mexico and announced its intention to increase its fleet of offshore cabins in the region.

New Orleans-based DMAS has been awarded a contract to supply a 72 bed accommodation complex to Navigare, a subsidiary of Mexican company Cotemar SA, as part of the major six-figure deal. The Consafe Offshore owned semi-submersible Safe Concordia, a state of the art DP class multi purpose vessel, will take delivery of four 12-man sleeper units and three eight-man sleeper cabins later this week.

The units will be drawn from Duffy & McGovern's current fleet of cabins which serve the US market and are based in Belle Chasse, New Orleans. Today the company has announced it plans to invest $3.25 million building 20 new sleeper modules to add to that US fleet. Ten ABS, US coast guard-approved eight-man and ten 12-man sleeper cabins will be built at the firm's New Orleans base and released onto the market in the Autumn.

"The Gulf of Mexico is one of our main markets and our rental business in the US has grown 700 per cent in the last two years," says Glenn Aguilar, vice president of US operations for Duffy & McGovern. "We have made now considerable investments in our fleet in each of the last three years and are on course to more than double our rental turnover in 2006/7. This further investment in cabins will ensure that we are able to achieve this growth and be ready for rising customer demand for accommodation."

The Navigare rental deal is firm for 12 months followed by a further 90-day option. The Safe Concordia vessel is scheduled to be on location at the Cantarell field in early May 2006, where it will undertake work for the Mexican state-owned oil company Pemex.

The complex comprises eight-man units built to a high quality permanent living quarters standard and incorporating an advanced linkable system introduced to the US market by Duffy and McGovern, where bedrooms are accessed off either side of a central corridor, allowing them to be linked to form a sealed, continuous accommodation complex.

Its 12-man accommodation cabins, which also form part of the complex, were first introduced in early 2005 and have been in high demand in the Gulf. They are specially designed to occupy less deck space than the nearest comparable 12-man unit on the market.

The entire complex exceeds all current US regulations for offshore living quarters, being fully ABS and US coast guard-approved as well as A60 SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and the latest IMO (International Maritime Organisation) FTP codes.