Beach Petroleum to Test Silver Sands-1

Beach Petroleum says that the Silver Sands-1 well has reached 1358.3 meters and the operation was pulling out of the hole to conduct DST-1 over the interval 1354 – 1358.3 meters in response to oil shows at the top of the Namur Sandstone.

Silver Sands-1 is a near-field exploration well located within PEL 92, approximately 80km west of Moomba in the Cooper Basin of northern South Australia.

The well will target reservoirs in the Namur Sandstone and Hutton Sandstone in a small structural closure about 1.5km SE of the Christies Oilfield (cumulative production of 0.8 million barrels). The well has a planned total depth of 1920 meters that is expected to take approximately 14 days to drill from spud.

Joint Venture participants in the Silver Sands-1 well are Beach Petroleum Ltd as operator with 75% and Cooper Energy Ltd with 25%.