Candax Logs Gas Pay at Chaal-1 Well

Candax Energy previously reported that the Chaal-1 well in Tunisia reached TD at a depth of 4600 meters and logging operations had started.

The initial results of logging indicate that a total gas bearing section of some 450 meters was penetrated by the well in the Middle/Lower Nara, comprising limestone, argillaceous limestone and shale/claystone. A gross limestone section of approximately 200 meters is present within this gas bearing section, with a net reservoir interval of approximately 90 meters.

As previously reported numerous strong gas shows and kicks were experienced during drilling. Rig site analysis of the gas indicates that there is no H2S present and the CO2 content is some 0.4% and that there is condensate present in the gas. A full gas analysis will only become available once samples have been taken during testing.

It is anticipated that testing of the well will commence in the next 7 to 10 days following the installation of the production casing and other equipment required because of the high reservoir pressures (in excess of 10,000 psi). Given the nature and thickness of the gas bearing section it has been decided to carry out three separate tests. It is expected that testing will take some three to four weeks to complete, subject to operational considerations.

Michael Wood, President & CEO commented, "The initial log interpretation of the Chaal well is very encouraging and we now eagerly await the test results to determine the productivity of gas and condensate from the reservoir. Our technical analysis suggests that the overall volume of hydrocarbon per Km2 is broadly in line with our pre-drill expectations. Clearly, the commercial potential of Chaal could be very significant for Candax."