BHP Billiton's Cabrillo Port Wins Local Support

BHP Billiton's Cabrillo Port has won endorsements from key labor, community and business leaders this week, adding to its growing list of public supporters.

Hank Lacayo, State President of the Congress of California Seniors, Don Facciano, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ventura County Taxpayers Association and Steve Weiner, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Tri-Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, co-signed an editorial in the Ventura County Star endorsing Cabrillo Port that ran on Sunday, April 16, 2006. Hank Lacayo, Don Facciano and Steve Weiner will also testify in support of Cabrillo Port at the CSLC public hearings later this week in Oxnard.

"We are very that happy Hank, Don and Steve joined the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce, Ventura County Economic Development Association, Maritime Engineers' Beneficial Association, California Black Chamber of Commerce and many others in support of Cabrillo Port," says Renee Klimczak, president of BHP Billiton LNG International. "These endorsements further demonstrate the growing opinion that Cabrillo Port is the right project, in the right place and at the right time to meet California's increasing needs for natural gas," she added.

In addition to Hank Lacayo, Don Facciano and Steve Weiner, the following individuals and organizations also endorsed the Project, among others:

* Tom Cady, Assistant Police Chief (Retired), Oxnard Police Department

* Bill Buratto, President and Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the

Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA)

* Nancy Lindholm, President and Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the

Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

* Alicia Flores, Director, La Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional de Oxnard

* Aubry Stone, President and Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the

California Black Chamber of Commerce

* Ron Davis, President, on behalf of the Maritime Engineers' Beneficial

Association (MEBA)

* Thomas McCormick, President, Proteus SeaFarms, Oxnard

* Chuck Bauman, Supervisor (Retired), Southern California Gas Company

* Michael Fullilove, General Manager, on behalf of Brusco Tug &

Barge, Inc. at the Port of Hueneme

* Sylvia Munoz-Schnopp, Local Small Business Owner

* Galen and Joyce Fitzgerald, Oxnard residents for 30 years

Cabrillo Port is currently undergoing a comprehensive state and federal environmental approval process. The facility would be located about 14 miles from the coastline and more than 21 miles off the coast of Oxnard. It would deliver natural gas to Southern California through the Southern California Gas Company's pipelines. When Cabrillo Port comes into production, which could occur as early as 2010, it will be the world's second offshore floating LNG facility, following the installation of a natural gas facility off the coast of Italy that is expected to commence production in 2008.

BHP Billiton is Australia's largest publicly-traded company, and the world's leading diversified natural resources company. BHP Billiton employs approximately 37,000 people in 25 countries across the world, and is widely recognized as an industry leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.