Micron Looking Into Additional Alberta Oil Sands Ventures

Micron Enviro Systems is currently looking into expanding its exposure to the Alberta Oil Sands. These possible new ventures include new Oil Sands partnerships and/or new Oil Sands leases.

Micron has just added three new Alberta Oil Sands leases consisting of 4 new sections in the world-class Athabasca Oil Sands region. Two of these new sections are within 5 miles of Micron's existing Athabasca Oil Sands Prospect. These two new sections are close to the existing Oil Sands leases held by Connacher Oil and Gas's Great Divide Prospect, as well as to other major Oil Sands projects by Devon, Encana, and Cononco Philips.

The other new Alberta Oil Sands lease acquired consists of two contiguous sections that lie just southwest of the announced Royal Dutch Shell Plc Oil Sands leases which they recently purchased for approximately $400 million.

The Oil Sands of Canada hold recoverable reserves of 175 billion barrels with a proven reserve life of 480 years and another 130 billion barrels of potential reserves, which is second only to Saudi Arabia's 262 billion barrels. As a comparison, the United States has only 29 billion barrels of recoverable reserves and has decreasing domestic production while their demand is increasing by 1-2% every year. Canada is in an optimal position to supply oil to the U.S. with its favorable political climate, close proximity and being one of the few non-OPEC countries which can grow its oil production.

Bernie McDougall, President of Micron stated, "Now that we are participating in four Alberta Oil Sands leases, we have a firm understanding of how to acquire additional prospects and have clearly shown our ability to accomplish our goals of acquiring new leases. We are attempting to build our shareholder value through new acquisitions, as well as development of our existing Alberta Oil Sands leases, complemented by our conventional drilling projects. We are anticipating a significant increase in ownership interest in any additional Oil Sands prospects as this is what we feel will drive our company's future value. When you consider that oil prices are at all time highs, clearly these are exciting times for Micron and Micron's shareholders."

Micron is an emerging oil and gas company that has exposure to four separate leases in the Athabasca Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada, which is the largest Oil Sands region in the world, and has production from multiple conventional oil and gas wells. Micron is one of if not the smallest market capitalized companies with exposure to multiple Alberta Oil Sands. Micron's goal is to become a junior oil and gas producer that focuses on the exploration, discovery and delivery of gas and oil to the North American marketplace. Micron currently has multiple independent sources of oil and/or gas revenue from production in Canada and Texas. Micron is presently involved in multiple oil and gas prospects, and continues to look for additional projects that would contribute to building Micron's market capitalization, including additional Oil Sands projects.