Precision Completion Systems Spins Off International Completion Solutions

International Completion Solutions LLC has been incorporated to handle all sales, marketing and completion operations for Precision Completion Systems at International locations. Precision Completion Systems will operate US locations by providing technical support, research and development, and manufacturing from owned and contracted machining service providers.

Precision Completion Systems and PPI Technology Middle East Ltd have entered into a definitive cooperative agreement for the purpose of providing completion products and services for PPI Technology Middle East Ltd and its customers.

Precision Completion Systems and International Completion Solutions are proceeding with final testing of its High Pressure, High Volume, and Large-Bore Gas Well Completion Packer. The design integrates a semi-permanent style packer with a shift to release system for easy retrieving. Bore sizes for 9 5/8" casing are 6.05" internal diameter. Sealing systems can be designed for H2S/CO-2 environments.

Precision Completion Systems, International Completion Solutions, and NESCOS AS Norway are completing the Hydraulic Actuated Gas Lift Valve system for Sub Sea completion installations. Multiple valves can be installed and manipulated using hydraulic control lines from the surface. Configurations for up to 6 valves can be operated from a four-control line system. Three Valves can be controlled and operated using three hydraulic control lines. Flow ports are available up to ¾" and fully adjustable. These systems can be used for artificial lift, annular evacuation, chemical injection and for well control during completion and work over operations.