VRcontext and UReason Team Up on Alarm Assessment

VRcontext, a Brussels-based provider of 3D visualization technology, said that it is joining forces with operator advisory system supplier UReason in the area of intelligent alarm assessment. Specifically, UReason's OASYM-AM alarm management system will be linked with VRcontext's 3D Virtual Model software

In the flood of alarm information presented to a control room operator operator during an incident, relationships with other events or incidents are difficult to determine, said VRcontext in a statement. Moreover, these operators are often located in a control room far away from the processes and equipment that they montior. The company contends that combining the alarm management system with the 3D software will help operators pinpoint incriminating equipment in real time and within its geographical vicinity.

"The Intelligent Alarm Management System developed by UReason is becoming a critical cornerstone for the safe operation of large petrochemical, oil, and gas installations", says Fran├žois Lagae, CEO of VRcontext. "Today, it is not unusual to see erratic behavior of control room operators when they are put under stress by an avalanche of alarms. Past experiences have shown that a decision support application like OASYS-AM is helping the operators in gaining a global view of the real problem and enabling them to focus on the critical parameters."

"VRcontext has the technology to increase the awareness of an operator," adds Lieven Dubois, sales and marketing director at UReason. "The visualization tools used in today's control rooms are process-oriented. The operator cannot determine from such information if a failing pump is close to a tank containing hydrogen. We believe that adding a three-dimensional view, which is just a mouse click away from the alarm message, adds incredible value to an operator in assessing a critical situation."