Lexington Completes Seismic Testing on Gilbert Barnett Shale Leases

Lexington Resources has completed the field gathering testing phase of a 3D seismic program on its 1,211 contiguous acre Gilbert lease located in Palo Pinto County, Texas with TimeSlice Technology Inc. of Texas. The processing phase now begins to process geologic data on Barnett Shale gas and possible secondary gas targets on this lease with results due before month end.

The Company's 100% working interest in the Gilbert lease can support up to 10 horizontal gas wells on 120 acre spacing, so the information obtained will aid in the development of engineering and geological planning for drilling operations and help lower risks associated with drilling. The testing will also decrease future costs and help in the planning of economic sharing of fracture pit locations, compression, gas treatment, and gas transportation infrastructure. In addition, shallow gas production in the area from the Strawn formation may also be identified as a secondary gas producing target from the 3D seismic testing.