Corridor Well Hits Pay in New Brunswick

Corridor Resources said that the McCully K-66 well in New Brunswick has been drilled to a total depth of 2485 meters. The well encountered 45 meters of indicated net gas pay thickness in the Hiram Brook formation, including 24 meters in the "A" sand and the remainder in the "B", "C," and "D" sands.

The Nabors #4 drilling rig is being relocated to drill the M-66 well from the same surface drill pad, and is designed to intersect the Hiram Brook Formation at a location approximately 800 meters due west of the McCully O-66 well. The K-66 well is the 15th well drilled to date in the McCully field that has encountered natural gas-bearing sands in the Hiram Brook Formation.

The well has been logged and cased to total depth in preparation for frac stimulation operations planned to be conducted at the well in October/November this year.