Wellogix Announces New Framework Increase Data Transfer Speeds

Wellogix Inc. unveiled an enhanced technology architecture to improve the speed and efficiency of integration with customer legacy applications, compatible with most common integration frameworks in use by its customers. The Synchrion(TM) interoperability framework provides pre-built, configurable gateways through which any of the expanding line of Wellogix software products can be efficiently matched with customers' existing software infrastructure, creating an environment that allows the dynamic import and export of data between Wellogix products and virtually any other modern software application.

Using the Synchrion framework, customers save time, eliminating swivel-chair data entry for multiple software tools. Instead of re-entering identical data sets into numerous applications, users of the Wellogix WorkFlowNavigator(TM) service, eField-Ticket(TM) service or Proxis(TM) knowledge management tools can dynamically export data to or from any of their legacy applications, efficiently and accurately. Users are freed to concentrate on job performance instead of data entry and re-keying.

"Data integration is typically an extremely time-consuming, and often frustrating experience," said Jeff Livesay, founder and co-chief executive officer of Wellogix. "Many of our clients have described unpleasant integration experiences with other software applications, which led us to develop the Synchrion architecture to ease their integration challenges. Through the Synchrion framework, we're enabling companies to leverage their use of our software products to provide easier data transfer, improving the complementary nature of our software with established products in the marketplace.

"The Synchrion architecture is the next step in our Web services strategy that began with our Proxis(TM) knowledge management suite. As we continue to execute our strategy, we will be able to dramatically reduce integration time and costs for all of our customers."

The Synchrion framework can import and export to a wide spectrum of applications, from e-mail to advanced Enterprise Application Integration tools like Vitria Technology's BusinessWare(R), IBM's MQSeries(R), TIBCO's ActiveEnterprise(TM), webMethods' Integration Platform or SeeBeyond's Business Integration Suite. The framework also has the ability to tie in to industry-specific technical and design applications such as upstream energy tools for designing stimulation and cementing services, operational databases such as drilling information and daily reporting systems, and applications that connect to invoicing, joint interest billing and run-ticket software systems. Wellogix is partnering with leading service providers for integration services to support individual customer initiatives.

"The Synchrion framework is a robust architecture that will make data import and export between applications much easier than anything this industry has previously experienced," said Robert Bodnar, chief technology officer of Wellogix. "Our early projects working on data transfer have been quick wins for all parties involved. Data points were mapped quickly, and the Synchrion architecture allowed rapid implementation of that mapping into accurate data transfer."