Franklin Field Still Online

TotalFinaElf said Thursday its Franklin natural gas and condensate field in the U.K. North Sea hasn't been shut as scheduled earlier in the week. The field was expected to be shut late Wednesday to move a drilling rig from Franklin's sister platform Elgin, a process that was forecast to take about 24 hours and which was originally scheduled to take place last week.

"They're still making preparation checks...Franklin is still producing," a spokeswoman for TotalFinaElf said in a statement. She was unable to provide further details regarding the nature of the checks and was also unable to say when the field is expected to be shut for the move, but said she hoped to receive a status report from the drilling operator later Thursday. Franklin and Elgin Wednesday had a combined production of 139,976 barrels of condensate and 15.327 million cubic meters of gas, she said.