Portugal Seeks to Diversify Gas Supply

Portugal is seeking to diversify its supply of natural gas, as evidenced by talks in Moscow this week between Gazprom and Portugal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gazprom deputy chairman Alexander Medvedev and Portuguese Foreign Affairs undersecretary Bernardo Ivo Cruz discussed the prospect of delivering Russian natural gas (primarily LNG) to the southwestern European country, according to a written statement from Gazprom.

In addition, the talks focused on the prospects for Gazprom to acquire existing and planned regasification and transmission facilities in Portugal. Also, the officials discussed ways to promote cooperation between Gazprom and the Portuguese company Galp Energia within energy projects in Angola and other Portuguese-speaking countries, Gazprom said.

Presently, there is no commercial gas production in Portugal. Imports from Nigeria (63 percent) and Angola (37 percent) fulfill the country's demand for the energy source.