Successful Start to Kuwait Oil Company Operator Training Program

The Canadian Petroleum Institute (CPI) has successfully completed the first of four Terms of its Underdevelopment Trainee Education Program. Created for the Kuwait Oil Company, the program is being presented in conjunction with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation in the Ahmadi production zone, Kuwait.

The course is the result of an active collaboration with NAIT and SAIT to develop a practical training program designed for the Kuwait Oil Corporation. The program, which began on January 14, 2006, with five instructors and 105 students, is part of a national plan to increase the number of Kuwaitis working in the local oil and gas industry. It is comprised of four terms spread over nine months, and features more than 850 hours of instruction, including 75 hours of on-the-job training in three separate field placements.

The collaboration with NAIT and SAIT was an important part of the program development, as the final result is a blend of the individual strengths of both technical institutes cooperating together to deliver this program.

"We have just seen the successful conclusion of the first term of this unique program," noted Gerrit Maureau, president and CEO of CPI. "The Kuwaitis are opening up their oil and gas industry to Canadian expertise, and CPI is pleased to be taking a lead role in this venture."

Mr. David McClement, who has delivered a number of similar programs in Kuwait in the past, and was instrumental in the program's development, is directing delivery of the program at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's Petroleum Training Centre in the Ahmadi production zone.

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