Halliburton Unveils Slurrification / Cement Mixer Package

Halliburton said that its Fluid Systems Division has developed the world’s first combined cutting slurrification and cement batch mixer package. The package reportedly offers operators an integrated solution to their cementing and waste management needs while saving rig space and reducing manpower and inventory requirements.

"We are excited to be the first to bring this innovative solution to the industry," said Gary Moore, senior vice president of Halliburton Fluid Systems. "We are proud that this new package provides our customers with complete cuttings injection and cement batch mixing capabilities in a single footprint."

Unlike existing approaches that require each component to have its own skid and pump, the new technology provides all the necessary functionality in one package by combining cement batch mixer and cuttings slurrification capabilities, reports the company.

According to Halliburton, the package helps operators effectively manage cuttings and other drilling waste. The company points out that the product effects the creation of a high solids ratio, low rheological disposal fluid that is prepared at the surface and disposed of into the targeted subsurface formation.