Rains Damage Petrobras Pipeline in Bolivia

Intense rainfall has damaged a section of Petrobras-operated pipeline in Bolivia's Chaco region, reports the Brazilian major.

The force of the rainfall unearthed several sections of the pipeline that transports condensate produced in the San Antonio and Margarita fields to the trunk pipeline system that transports liquids in Bolivia. It damaged an 800-meter section of the line. The incident prompted restrictions on the production of natural gas from San Antonion and Margarita.

Petrobras added that the rainfall damaged other oil and gas pipelines in the region, along with the local utility's water main that delivers fresh water to the city of Villamontes. The company said that actions such as the redirection of production and the adaptation of thermopower plant usage are being taken to minimize the accident's effects in Bolivia and Brazil.

Bolivian authorities have been notified of the incident and the actions that have been taken, said Petrobras. At press time, the company was attempting to restore the damaged line's operational capacity as quickly as possible.