Rigzone.com Confirmed as Leading Oil and Gas Website by BPA

Faced with the pressing needs of advertisers and their agents to see an impartial and accurate accounting of web site traffic, Rigzone.com took the pioneering step of joining with BPA Worldwide to perform an independent audit of Rigzone.com traffic statistics. This audit was conducted based on a complete set of statistics for the month of January 2006 to give as accurate a picture as possible. That picture showed that during the month of January, Rigzone.com was visited approximately 711,000 times resulting in a total of nearly 3.2 million page views of content focused on the oil and gas industry. On average, each Rigzone.com visitor spent over 8 minutes on the site viewing 4.5 pages of information.

"We think it is extremely important for all online media companies to verify circulation claims," said David Kent, President of Rigzone.com. "We feel we have taken the lead in providing advertisers and ad agencies with an independent circulation audit from BPA. With this audit, our customers can be confident that our web site traffic claims are accurate and that the advertising value we are providing is real."

Click here to download the January 2006 BPA Audit of Rigzone.com

For more information on Rigzone.com's traffic, demographics, and products, click here to go the Rigzone.com Media Kit.

About BPA Worldwide
Since 1931 BPA Worldwide has set the standard for thoroughness, accuracy, transparency and timeliness in media and event audits

About Rigzone.com
Since launching in 1999, Rigzone.com has grown into the leading web site for the upstream oil and gas industry, providing tens of thousands of industry professionals with the news and information that they need on a daily basis. Rigzone.com's ever-expanding coverage of the upstream industry makes the site a valuable tool to anyone in the petroleum industry who wants to stay on top of the latest developments. And with a comprehensive industry directory, events calendar, data center, career center, equipment Marketplace, and bookstore, Rigzone.com is truly your gateway to the oil and gas industry.