Chavez Accepts Resignation of PDVSA Board

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said Sunday he had accepted the resignations of all of the board of directors of state company PDVSA. "Gaston Parra brought me the resignations of all of the board of PDVSA and I accepted it," he told reporters in his first speech from the presidential palace after being ousted in a military coup last Friday.

Chavez said PDVSA president Parra had brought him the offer hours before his removal on Thursday following the deaths of 13 Venezuelans during an anti-Chavez march. More than 100,000 Venezuelans had marched on the palace to demand Chavez resign following a rally in support of protesting PDVSA managers. Chavez was later forced from office by the military, but was reinstated in the early hours of Sunday. Meanwhile, Venezuelan energy minister Alvaro Silva said Sunday the reinstatement of state PDVSA managers who took part in a seven-day work stoppage will be considered over the next few days. "We'll see. We have always been open to dialogue," he told a local radio station. Silva urged protesters to revise their positions to facilitate the changes the country needs following the forced exit and return of Chavez.