AWE's Quandong-1 to Spud Soon

Australian Worldwide Exploration Limited, on behalf of its wholly-owned subsidiary, AWE Petroleum Pty Ltd, is pleased to advise that a drilling slot for its Quandong-1 well has been confirmed and that the well is expected to spud on April 19th.

Quandong-1 will test a large tilted fault block, defined by good quality 3D seismic data on the western side of WA 202P, in the Carnarvon Basin. It is located 15 kilometers along trend from the Wandoo oil field and is approximately 15 kilometers east of the Reindeer/Caribou gas field.

The primary objective of the well is to test the Early Jurassic sandstones of the North Rankin Formation, which form excellent quality reservoirs along trend. These are expected at about 2,200 meters. Secondary objectives are the shallow Cretaceous sandstones which form the reservoir at the Wandoo and Stag oil fields and Early Jurassic Athol Formation sandstones, which reservoir oil at the Tusk discovery. The Quandong structure is well positioned to receive hydrocarbons migrating from the main source kitchens in the Lewis Trough. Strong oil shows in the Jurassic interval in wells east of Quandong indicate that oil migration has occurred through the area.

The Quandong prospect has the potential to contain recoverable reserves in excess of 300 million barrels of oil. The well will be drilled to a total depth of approximately 2,800 meters using the Ensco 56 jackup and is expected to take approximately 10 days to complete drilling operations.

AWE holds a 10% interest in WA 202P and will receive a free financial carry through the dryhole cost of drilling Quandong-1 and another prospect, Bloodwood-1. Bloodwood-1 will test a Cretaceous sandstone objective analogous to the Wandoo field. It has the potential to hold recoverable reserves in excess of 30 million barrels of oil and will be drilled in July when the Ensco 56 rig returns from servicing in Singapore.