M-I SWACO Garners Safety in Seas Award

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) has named M-I SWACO the 2005 recipient of its Safety in Seas Award. The award honors contributions to improved safe operating procedures in the ocean industries.

A panel of judges from the US Coast Guard, the Minerals Management Service, and the National Academy of Sciences' Marine Board selected M-I SWACO's nomination. According to NOIA, the judges made their decision based on M-1 SWACO's dramatic overall improvement of the safe capture and disposal of drill cuttings through its CleanCut(TM) technology in its operations throughout the world.

Drill cuttings are the mixture of rock pieces and drilling fluids produced as a waste product when drilling an oil or gas well. They must be contained offshore and disposed of properly.

CleanCut(TM) contains and ships the drill cuttings to shore for disposal using bulk pneumatic transfer technology. The cuttings are contained in a sealed system and conveyed by compressed air to storage silos and then to supply boats for transfer. The technology eliminates the need for transfer in box-like containers via crane. NOIA adds that the process limits the hazards to personnel from rig-to-ship hoisting and dramatically reduces the possibility that drill cuttings will be spilled into the marine environment.

"The offshore industry serves a vital role in meeting the nation's energy needs, and continues to do so while delivering an unparalleled record of safe and environmentally-sensitive operations," said Tom Fry, NOIA president. "We applaud the fact that the Coast Guard, the MMS, and the National Academy of Sciences continue to recognize our industry's achievement and we congratulate M-I SWACO for their valuable contribution to the enhancement of offshore safety and responsible environmental stewardship."