GGS and Rock Solid Announce Deal

Global Geo Services (GGS) and Rock Solid Images have entered into an agreement under which Rock Solid will develop multi-well rock-physics and seismic models studies that GGS will market in conjunction with its regional seismic programs.

"The move from qualitative to quantitative seismic interpretation methods, such as Impedance and AVO analysis, is fueling a rapid increase in demand for high quality well- based calibration data," said Richard Cooper, Houston-based Rock Solid's president. "By provided integrated seismic and well-data studies, our customers will benefit from a significant reduction in cycle time and improved risk assessment decisions."

Trond Christofferson, CEO of Oslo-based GGS, says that the multi-year deal with Rock Solid builds on the relationship that the two companies developed marketing their East Timor/JPDA regional well and seismic study. "A significant number of additional integrated programs are currently under development including West Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and East Java, Indonesia," he said.