Pacific Stratus Abandons Mauritia-1 Well

Pacific Stratus Energy reports that its Mauritia-1 well, which was spudded on February 3, has been plugged and abandoned.

The Mauritia-1 well reached the targeted reservoir, the Eocene Mirador Formation in the southernmost prospect of the Moriche Block, near the currently producing la Punta oil field in Colombia. During drilling, oil was present in shakers and high counts of C1 to C5 were measured in three intervals, two in the shallower Mirador Formation and another in an upper sandy interval of the Barco Formation.

The well was logged and two hydrocarbon-bearing intervals were interpreted from them, showing very good reservoir quality with porosities greater than 20 percent. Twenty reservoir formation test (RFT) measurements were made, and oil and fresh water gradients were determined. An emulsion of fresh water and light oil was also recovered from the lower Mirador intervals during the RFT test. Based on these results, Pacific Stratus completed the well and two intervals in the Mirador Formation were tested, one from 8,392 to 8,400 feet and the other from 8,440 to 8,450 feet.

Natural and induced flow tests were carried out and fresh water was recovered from both intervals. As a result of these tests, the company decided to plug and abandon the well. Pacific Stratus is still evaluating the results from the Mauritia-1 well, but a preliminary interpretation indicates that the well either penetrated below the water-oil contact, or that the faulted-block trapping mechanism failed to retain hydrocarbons.

Pacific Stratus has mapped two additional prospects to the north of the block near the Rancho Hermoso Oil Field. The prospects are located in a higher structural position and are independent from the abandoned southernmost prospect. Pacific Stratus is obtaining the environmental drilling permits for these prospects and plans to drill them in early 2007 during the dry season.