New Zealand Requesting Comments on Great South Basin Licensing Round

The Great South Basin will shortly be opened for a blocks offer. Because of the scale of acreage on offer and the anticipated level of industry interest, the proposed application process is being released in draft for industry comment.

The purpose of consultation is to ensure that industry has a clear understanding of the process, and that the process reflects the interests of industry in these blocks.

The attached draft for consultation does not include details of the assessment or presentation processes, which will follow bidding. These will be disclosed at the time of opening the blocks offer and will be consistent with previous practices.

A copy of the application process is attached. Significant points to note are:

  • There will be no minimum conditions other than the mandatory conditions of the Minerals Program for Petroleum 2005.
  • Applicants may nominate any combination of 1-4 sections within the graticular blocks for the purpose of defining the block or blocks on which they to bid.
  • Applicants may bid for more than one block provided that where part of the blocks bid for overlap, the applicant must identify their preferred block.
  • In the event of overlapping blocks between competing companies, the two bids will be assessed in their entirety and not only by reference to the overlapping areas.

Any comments on the draft notice must be received no later than April 7, 2006.

Comments may be sent to:

Rob Robson
Manager, Petroleum and Minerals Policy
Crown Minerals Group
Ministry of Economic Development
PO Box 14873

or emailed to: