SeaMetric to Perform North Sea Jacket Removal Study

Members of the Decommissioning Technology Forum (DTF), consisting of TotalFinaElf, Shell UK, BP UK, and Kerr McGee, have awarded SeaMetric International two studies for removal of jackets using their single-lift-technology. SeaMetric International has developed and patented a system known as the "Twin Marine Lifter". This system, nominated to the ONS Innovation Award, will now be evaluated for the lifting of jackets for the oil companies. Feasibility and technical merits lifting topsides using this system have already been documented.

TotalFinaElf, Philips Petroleum, Shell, BP, and Kerr McGee have been carrying out the planning for removing abandoned installations for some time already. SeaMetric International will study and plan possible removals of jackets both in the UK and Norwegian sectors by use of their single lift technology.

The studies will give Stavanger based SeaMetric International useful contacts towards the adoption of the system. SeaMetric International is also considering using standard barges. This will reduce the investments required for the construction of the Twin Marine Lifter (TML).

TML is recognised as the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly method. This knowledge has created strong interest among several major players internationally. They have shown keen interest in starting cooperation with the Stavanger based company for future heavy lifts for both installation and removal. Dialogue is ongoing. Agreements have yet to be signed.

"Most likely we will enter into an agreement with one or more companies before the summer holidays" Marketing Director Rolf Olavesen says. "We seek partners with unique competence in this field. And with ability and willingness to fully exploit the capabilities of Twin Marine Lifter. Processes like this take time."

"The Twin Marine Lifter concept is in an evaluation phase, and the studies for members of the DTF is an encouragement for us" Olavesen ends.