AED Says Puffin-9 Intersects Hydrocarbons

AED Oil reports that the Puffin-9 exploration well intersected hydrocarbons in the first two of the four target intervals, the UK1a from 2078-2083 meters and the LK1a from 2121-2124 meters based on LWD measurements and on cuttings and fluorescence.

The upper interval appears to be oil that correlates with the same sandstone interval that tested oil at Puffin-2 located 1.8 kilometers to the north.

These depths and interpretations are preliminary and will be confirmed by wireline testing once total depth of 3100 meters in the Triassic is reached.

AED Oil has a 100% participating interest in AC/P22 which is located in the Ashmore Cartier Exploration permit area of the Vulcan Sub-Basin in the Bonaparte Basin offshore Northwestern Australia.