MMS and Hydro Join A2D Well Project

A2D Technologies, well log data subsidiary of TGS-NOPEC Geophysical, has begun a project to convert all Gulf of Mexico (GOM) deepwater and key shelf exploration logs to the industry-recognized Workstation Ready format (WSR). Project underwriters include Hydro Gulf of Mexico and, under a modification of an existing agreement with A2D, the Minerals Management Service (MMS).

WSR is based on a raw LAS log, which is then researched to ensure completeness, processed, and verified to high-quality assurance standards. It is delivered to the end user in a standardized format that allows for efficient loading into interpretive applications.

Processing of the GOM WSR project is expected to take 30 months. Together, with A2D's existing inventory of WSR data, the number of wells in the project will exceed 25,000. As underwriters, MMS and Hydro designate higher-priority wells for their operations and receive the data at a cost savings. The project is structured to accommodate a third participant--an option under consideration from several energy companies active in the GOM.

"Acquisition of A2D's Workstation Ready well log data is an important tool that will provide us with high-quality data when evaluating expansion in the Gulf of Mexico." said Scott Griffiths, senior vice president and COO of Hydro, Gulf of Mexico.

"This joint initiative will complete A2D's Workstation Ready dataset in the Gulf of Mexico and should be of interest to any company active in the region," states Dave Kotowych, president of A2D. "This dataset is a strategic asset for the entire industry, as is underscored by the participation of both commercial and government interests. A2D is working to replicate this model in other highly active exploration regions worldwide."