Sego Named Executive VP of Technology at Wentworth

Fort Worth-based Wentworth Energy has hired David Sego, University of Alberta oil sands professor, as the executive vice president of technology at Wentworth Oil Sands.

Sego will lead the R&D team at Wentworth Oil Sands as it moves to commercialize the patented Petromax hydrocarbon separation technology.

"We are extremely honored to be working with such a qualified and experienced oil sands professional as Dave Sego, who brings with him decades of research into oil sands' technologies," said Roger Williams, Wentworth Oil Sands CEO. "As the principal investigator at the Alberta Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility Dr. Sego is on the leading edge of oil sands separation technology, studying the viability of many of the technologies of interest to large oil sands producers. His facilities in Alberta have also conducted early research into the commercial application of the Petromax process."

"As Wentworth Oil Sands proves the technical and commercial feasibility of using the Petromax technology for oil sands extraction, it could have a very profound impact on the energy industry in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world containing abundant oil sands deposits," said Sego. "The next step for the technology is to demonstrate in the field that we can use the Petromax process to deliver commercial-scale heavy oil production, and that is what our research and development will focus on in the coming months."

"Several years ago, Dr. Sego spent a sabbatical working for Suncor Energy, the second largest oil sands producer," added Barry Rosengrant, Petromax Technologies founder. "Even though his main concentration is in the remediation of the huge oil sand emulsified tailings ponds, Sego is a walking encyclopedia of all things related to the production side of the oil sands business."