PGS Sets Data Acquisition Record in Middle East

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA reports that one of its onshore crews operating in the Middle Eastern desert has set world records for the number of vibrator points (VPs) recorded in one day and in one month by a single crew. The crew's March 2002 production of 3,340 VPs set the daily record while 92,502 VPs established the record for monthly production.

Achieving this production in a harsh desert environment required exceptional coordination between all components of the crew. Two sets of six (6) AHV IV vibrators (62,000 lbs. peak force) operated continuously while line laborers moved 4,750 strings of geophones per day. The Sercel 408 recording equipment output a record to tape every 29 seconds on average. PGS' record setting crew is also the world's largest seismic crew, with over 480,000 geophones.

In thanking the crew for its effort, PGS Onshore President Richard Degner remarked, "PGS Onshore continues to set the standard for efficient crew performance in the industry. I wish to congratulate the crew for its amazing accomplishment in March 2002. Recording 92,502 VPs in one month is almost unbelievable. The crew's dedication and hard work are recognized and sincerely appreciated throughout PGS."