Halliburton's Innovert Drilling Fluid Eliminates Barite Sag

Baroid Fluid Services, a product service line of Halliburton's (NYSE: HAL) Fluid Systems division, has introduced the new INNOVERT™ drilling fluid system for use in areas where paraffin/mineral oil is the preferred base oil. Derived from the proven barite sag-eliminating technology used in Halliburton's award-winning ACCOLADE® drilling fluid, the INNOVERT system obsoletes existing approaches for treating barite sag in paraffin and mineral oil-based fluids, while providing operators unparalleled technical and economic performance.

"Our clients trust Halliburton to be the first to bring them practical innovation. The introduction of the INNOVERT system continues our long history of delivering progressive technology to help operators achieve new levels of efficiency," said Art Huffman, senior vice president of Baroid Fluid Services. The INNOVERT system bypasses other approaches that have been used to address the problem of barite sag. For instance, some existing treatments rely on the use of ultra-fine weighting agents to treat sag, which can lead to escalating costs and an increased likelihood of formation damage. The INNOVERT system has ended this reliance on fine particles by providing operators with a low-solid, non-formation-damaging fluid. The gel structure of INNOVERT drilling fluid also eliminates the need for excess thickening of the mud, while other approaches involve making the mud thicker, thereby causing new problems such as increased equivalent circulating densities (ECD).

"Finding an effective solution to barite sag in drilling fluids has long been a concern for our industry because of problems related to hole cleaning, stuck pipe and wellbore stability," Huffman added. "Because the unique technologies used in our INNOVERT, ACCOLADE and ENCORE® systems provide unprecedented drilling performance, we are able to offer what we believe to be the only reliable solution to barite sag in the market today. And with the INNOVERT system, Halliburton is now able to provide these unique benefits to operators worldwide."

Beyond eliminating barite sag, the technologies used in these fluid systems are widely recognized by operators as providing dramatically reduced whole mud losses resulting in lower overall well costs.